Client Endorsements

"We hired Grueskin Marketing several years ago and we are very pleased with their performance. To begin with, they understand our market. They have helped us with just about everything from our advertising to special promotions and our websight, as well. Grueskin Marketing has helped us develop a more professional image and a strong identity. Best of all, although GMC performs like a big agency, their attitude about service is that of a small agency. I like that because everyone at the agency takes a personal interest in our business and they are always just a phone call away."

Michol Ann Munson, President
Compasseco, Inc.- Air Rifle Importer


"Grueskin Marketing has been the best thing that's ever happened to our marketing. They have been responsible for organizing our efforts, helping us find solutions for our marketing problems and make tough decisions, and developing dynamic advertising materials with lots of impact. Everything from our print promotion to our web site have benefited from their professional touch. Beyond that, they provide very close, personal service at a level that's beyond anything I ever could have imagined. Grueskin Marketing obviously cares about our success and they demonstrate that on a regular basis. As far as I'm concerned, Grueskin Marketing is the best."

Beth Enwright, Administrator
 Mally Enterprises - Seminars For Health Care Providers


"As professional consulting Foresters we have a thorough knowledge of what needs to be done in the forest, but as marketers, we're up a tree. Grueskin Marketing Communications showed us exactly what needed to be done to portray a professional image, reach potential clients and run an effective advertising campaign, all within our budget.

 Bob Petrzelka
Geode Forestry, Inc. - Consulting Foresters


"...You stand out in three critical areas in your field.

Most importantly, creativity is highly valued and apparent at Grueskin Marketing. When a series of ads or when a new catalog cover with copy is presented, it is evident that you have taken the time to let the right side of the brain create!

You go beyond the development of promotional material and selection of media. News releases and your effort to foster industry contacts have been invaluable. You work with us to identify opportunities and help to form strategies. You add value with input into our company strategy.

Lastly, GMC is accessible. You answer phone and fax inquiries that we make. Face to face meetings are commonplace if the real need arises. We are happy with the value you add to our business through many facets of advertising and marketing."

 Bob Ruch, V.P., Marketing & Finance
Forster Products, Inc. -Firearms reloading equipment and
gunsmithing equipment


"We have never been sorry we put our trust in Grueskin Marketing Communications. They understand our market better than any other company could and they have produced some very high impact ads and other promotion materials for us that have helped us establish a strong identity in our industry. Most important, it's obvious that they take a very personal interest in our business and our welfare. That's why they'll be part of our organization for a long time."

Les Baer Sr., President
Les Baer Custom, Inc. - Custom Firearms Manufacturer


"We have been amazed at the quickness and the effectiveness with which Grueskin Marketing has responded to our needs and provided us with needed exposure to our market. We have been more than satisfied with the results of their efforts. The they developed on our behalf have all been extremely effective. I highly recommend Grueskin Marketing Communications to any company that's looking for an advertising agency that can really help boost their marketing efforts."

Jack Smith, Vice President, Marketing
 Sieben Hybrids - Hybrid Seed Corn And Soybeans Marketer


"When A.R.A. lost its supplier for our electronic line art service several years ago, Grueskin Marketing stepped in and seamlessly continued fulfilling requests for that product.

When it came time to revise and update that service – and double its scope – Grueskin Marketing again did a wonderful job. We got the new product launched in time to make a big impact at our Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Grueskin Marketing works extensively and comfortably, at the leading edge of electronic design and production. That makes a lot of things possible."

Fred Anderson, Vice President, Communications
 American Rental Association - International Trade Association


"Several years ago QAS Systems realized that in spite of a terrific technical product, our sales of our business software were not where we wanted them. I knew we needed a top flight organization to develop a national marketing and sales effort -- one that would pay attention to our needs, not just redo our letterhead and create a pretty brochure. The NATIONAL requirement was also a real requirement. After months of discussion, with both sides carefully reviewing each other, we reached an agreement with Grueskin Marketing. I believe that was one of the most important non-technical decisions I have made. Since that decision, our sales are up 400% and we are the universally acknowledged leader in our field. Admittedly, we have an outstanding technical product, but without Grueskin Marketing, who would know it? When it comes to written or graphic communications, our sales message has never been presented better. If you are looking for someone to market your product who is not just another ad agency, give these people a call."

 William O. Mergenthal, President
Qas Systems, Inc. - Business Software Developer