Grueskin Marketing Communications is truly a multi-disciplinary business. We can provide our clients with a full package of marketing communications services or individual services that fill a specific need, including:

Strategic Marketing
Trying to market a product without a well developed plan is a real shot in the dark. Grueskin Marketing Communications can help our clients analyze their market, assess competitive activity and price points, determine product positioning, then develop a strategic marketing plan and budget that will help them achieve their marketing goals. As required, we can help evaluate sales methodologies and programs and structure special sales programs.

Full Creative Services
Grueskin Marketing Communications provides its clients with complete creative services including copywriting, graphic design, photography and prepress, plus broadcast, video and multi-media. Whether it’s a magazine ad, a catalog or brochure, a package design or a commercial, we produce professional, dynamic promotion materials that create a positive impression, help position a company within its market, and help sell product.

Media Selection and Placement
Even the best ad won’t have the desired effect unless it reaches the right audience. Our media department carefully evaluates all media options, negotiates the most attractive rates, then recommends an advertising media plan based on the media’s demonstrated ability to reach the client’s target market with optimum efficiency and value.

Public Relations
Effective PR can be one of the most beneficial elements in a marketing program because editorial exposure gives a product low cost visibility as well as high profile credibility. As a direct result of our extensive press contacts in the key markets in which we specialize as well as our ability to provide skillfully written press releases and related materials, our clients have enjoyed voluminous editorial space in the most respected publications in their industries. Press kits, press conferences, writer conferences and special media events are all part of what we do.

Internet and Interactive Marketing
Grueskin Marketing Communications was a pioneer in the use of the Internet as a marketing tool. We were developing websites before most agencies knew the Internet existed. We still develop dynamic corporate websites, informational websites, and data base-driven websites that make online direct sales a reality. Interactive CDs and product presentations? We can do that, too.

Trade Show Management
Trade shows are one of the best vehicles for meeting your buyers face to face and prominently positioning your company and your product line as industry leaders. Enjoying the full benefit of that exposure is only possible by putting your best foot forward with a professionally designed, vibrant display and presentation as well as thoughtfully conceived promotion materials and a well-planned response to the trade press that’s in attendance. Grueskin Marketing Communications can help you with all aspects of your trade show planning, from selecting the shows that will do you the most good to making your participation as professional and rewarding as it can be.